Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And now...

... I have re-done my Etsy shop look. I have written the 'about' bit and added some photos to it. The only thing I'm not quite sure about is the banner font. I think it doesn't go very well with my new expressive angle... I may come back to it later on and maybe change to something more accurate.  Otherwise I feel I have achieved something I should have done probably long time ago... But, hey - when you are not inspired - there really is no need to push things too hard. Though it is true that sometimes when you start working on something the inspiration soon will come along. Writing is for me the hardest thing. I will do everything else instead!

I wanted something more tender and delicate than my previous one... It is definitely more blue :-)

And here are some 'workshop' pictures from my shops about section:

Maybe some sales will come my way now. I just happened to read somewhere that Etsy ranks sellers also by the number of sales... I don't see the light in that darkness... But I can't give up without making some few final efforts...

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