Sunday, April 8, 2012

Black Cat Promo Bone

Next weekend, we will be Stompin' at the Savoy - it's a blues festival @ the Savoy theatre in Helsinki, Finland. Among other events, there's a fair on Sunday the 15th: Maxwell Street Market in the theatre lobby, while bands keep playing next door at the Katsomo restaurant.

The fair runs from 11 to 5 p.m. and WE are going to be there with Roots Art Records, Romu amps, Liivam├Ągi handwound guitar pickups, and special design T-shirts... AND I will also be taking some of my handmade jewellery!!!

Here's a slight glimpse at what I've got:

A selection of my handmade clay pendant necklaces. The Black Cat pendant and the Spades pendant were especially designed for those with the Blues or else born under a bad sign. And for those of you in the know: yes, the frog is also a music-related symbol ;)

In addition, I will be bringing pendants with abstract and decorative patterns painted on them. Whether those are good or bad luck charms, you can figure out yourselves :-)

Stay tuned - more previews coming tomorrow!

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