Monday, November 18, 2013

My "diamond" earrings

Materials: clay, ear hooks, wire, paints etc...

Purple marble patterned earrings

Colorful marble patterned earrings

Blue marble earrings

This is one of my own favorite earrings designs I have come up with. Simple idea though - so I imagine that I am not the only one in the whole wide world to have ever done this, but really the idea for me came actually as a result of events and ideas, and experimenting - the way good ideas usually come I suppose. Sometimes one has to walk through a long path - in order to discover something that is brilliant in it's simplicity.

For me - I just got a bit bored with polymer clay. I felt it is too plastic, and at some point it just didn't speak to me anymore... (Not that I haven't had some really good times with good old polymer!) Anyway, I wanted to try something different, so I tried out air drying clay. I used the same cutters and tools I had already acquired for polymer works, and tried, and experimented...

About the same time I found these marble paints from a local art store, and they seemed like fun too. Well - they ARE fun! Look at all these gorgeous patterns I have managed to get! I say that I got the patterns - because the technique is pretty uncontrollable - you get what you get, and it is usually wonderful! With smaller things - such as earrings are - sometimes not so wonderful - especially when they have to work as pairs... But still - I'd say this is one of my favorite things to do when I go to my studio. It usually brings smile to my face, and makes me feel good about myself.

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