Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Something old...

I don't exactly remember when I made these polymer clay earrings, but for some reason I still have them in my "drawer"*. For over the years I have sold many pairs of earrings on fairs or to my friends...

(Never had a successful web shop though -- a flaw I am about to try to fix now... Crossing fingers!)

I think these particular earrings haven't really had their true chance to shine yet. They probably got left home whenever I went to a fair with lots of other earrings that seemed more fancy. And also I have been modest when it comes to blogging - especially when it comes to showing my "early works".

Anyway here they are now... Black polymer clay rectangle earrings with flower texture on them. I used silver acrylyc paint to add a touch of pearly effect.

*Actually I keep my stuff in boxes ;-)

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